With my next Grade 7 class I thought a ‘Piclit’ would be an exciting way to summarise the holiday. This is a lovely programme from Piclit.com. Now where did I hear about it – probably from Larry Ferlazzo’s blog! I pick up so many good ideas from there. This was also a creative way to summarise the holiday. You can either choose to use Piclit’s word bank, or you can use your own words. We chose Freestyle this time; but I think later we will use Piclit’s word bank to create poems.

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  1. Terry Friedlander says:

    Hi. Thanks for the kudos regarding PicLits. I missed reading your posting which makes my response rather late. The lesson plan to write about MY HOLIDAY was clever and the PicLits were very creative and fun to read. I hope you are still using the site and most importantly that your students are WRITING and improving their writing skills.
    If you have any questions, do NOT hesitate to contact us. DRAG-N-DROP, which is quite challenging is the best choice for teaching grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and even spelling. It is also equalizes the playing field so that you can compare apples to apples as the saying goes. Cheers.
    Terry Friedlander, founder
    [email protected]

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